A comprehensive study of distributed Denial-of-Service attack with the detection techniques

H. H. Ibrahim, A. E. Hamzah, H. A. Saeed, H. H. Qasim, O. S. Hamed, Hussein Yahya Alkhalaf, M. I. Hamza


With the dramatic evolution in networks nowadays, an equivalent growth of challenges has been depicted toward implementing and deployment of such networks. One of the serious challenges is the security where wide range of attacks would threat these networks. Denial-of-Service (DoS) is one of the common attacks that targets several types of networks in which a huge amount of information is being flooded into a specific server for the purpose of turning of such server. Many research studies have examined the simulation of networks in order to observe the behavior of DoS. However, the variety of its types hinders the process of configuring the DoS attacks. In particular, the Distributed DoS (DDoS) is considered to be the most challenging threat to various networks. Hence, this paper aims to accommodate a comprehensive simulation in order to figure out and detect DDoS attacks. Using the well-known simulator technique of NS-2, the experiments showed that different types of DDoS have been characterized, examined and detected. This implies the efficacy of the comprehensive simulation proposed by this study.


Denial of service; Distributed Denial-of-Service; Information security; Intrusion detection; Simulation

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