Design and testing of a dynamic reactive signage network towards fire emergency evacuations

Christopher S. Baidal, Nestor X. Arreaga, Vladimir Sanchez Padilla


The loss of several lives happens in events of natural disasters, due to the strength of nature or the static evacuation routes that usually directs towards a unique exit pathway. This paper proposes the integration of technology tools such as servers and open-source sensors into a reactive signage network to provide an updated and dynamical emergency evacuation system focusing specifically on fire situations. This pilot project works using microcontrollers that capture and manages into a server the surrounding information, setting evacuation routes and behaving according to the Dijkstra algorithm allowing the identification of obstacles or possible incidents that occur spontaneously during an evacuation. This process sends updates to the server either the evacuation route keeps the same or if a modification is required based on the information provided by the sensors about different areas, warning the shortest path for evacuation using computer vision support.


Computer vision; Path planning; Safety monitoring; Wayfinding system; Sensor

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