Performance enhancement of DC/DC converters for solar powered EV

Nagaraj S., Ranihemamalini R., Rajaji L.


The paper initially presents the essential drive arrangement required for electric vehicle. It requests high power bidirectional stream ability, with wide info voltage range, and yield voltage of vitality stockpiling gadgets, for example, super capacitors or batteries shift with the adjustment in stack. At that point the tenacity and outline of previously mentioned converter is proposed in this paper. The converter which relates a half extension topology, has high power stream ability and least gadget focuses on that can appropriately interface a super capacitor with the drive prepare of a crossover electric vehicle. Besides, by contrasting the fundamental qualities and applications with some ordinary bidirectional DC/DC converter, the proposed converter has low gadget rating and can be controlled by obligation cycle and stage move. Finally, the most essential attributes of this converter is that it utilizes the transformer spillage inductance as the essential vitality exchange component and control parameters, Simulation waveforms in light of MATLAB recreation are given to exhibit the integrity of this novel topology, and this converter is additionally reasonable for high power application, specifically to control the charge-release of super capacitors or batteries that can be utilized as a part of cross breed solar based electric vehicle.


DC/DC converter; Spillage inductance; Solar panel

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