Conflict-free dynamic route multi-AGV using dijkstra floyd-warshall hybrid algorithm with time windows

Solichudin Solichudin, Aris Triwiyatno, Munawar A. Riyadi


Autonomous Guided Vehicle is a mobile robot that can move autonomously on a route or lane in an indoor or outdoor environment while performing a series of tasks. Determination of the shortest route on an autonomous guided vehicle is one of the optimization problems in handling conflict-free routes that have an influence on the distribution of goods in the manufacturing industry's warehouse. Pickup and delivery processes in the distribution on AGV goods such as scheduling, shipping, and determining the route of vehicle with short mileage characteristics, is very possible to do simulations with three AGV units. There is a windows time limit on workstations that limits shipping. The problem of determining the route in this study is considered necessary as a multi-vehicle route problem with a time window. This study aims to describe the combination of algorithms written based on dynamic programming to overcome the problem of conflict-free AGV routes using time windows. The combined approach of the Dijkstra and Floyd-Warshall algorithm results in the optimization of the closest distance in overcoming conflict-free routes.


Conflict-free route; Dynamic programming; Hybrid algorithm; Time windows

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