Control of the powerquality for a DFIG powered by multilevel inverters

H. Hachemi, A. Allali, B. Belkacem


This paper treats the modeling, and the control of a wind power system based on a doubly fed induction generator DFIG, the stator is directly connected to the grid, while the rotor is powered by multilevel inverters. In order to get a decoupled system of controlfor an independently transits of active and reactive power, a vector control method based on stator flux orientation SFOC is considered: direct vector control based on PI controllers. Cascaded H-bridge CHBI multilevel inverters are used in the rotor circuit to study its effect on supply power quality. All simulation models are built in MATLAB/Simulink software. Results and waveforms clearly show the effectiveness of vector control strategy. Finally, performances of the system will tested and compared for each levels of inverter.


Doubly fed induction generator (DFIG); H-BRIDGE; Multi-levels inverters PI controllers; Stator flux orientation SFOC;

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