Numerical algorithm for solving second order nonlinear fuzzy initial value problems

A. F. Jameel, N. R. Anakira, A. H. Shather, Azizan Saaban, A. K. Alomari


The purpose of this analysis would be to provide a computational technique for the numerical solution of second-order nonlinear fuzzy initial value (FIVPs). The idea is based on the reformulation of the fifth order Runge Kutta with six stages (RK56) from crisp domain to the fuzzy domain by using the definitions and properties of fuzzy set theory to be suitable to solve second order nonlinear FIVP numerically. It is shown that the second order nonlinear FIVP can be solved by RK56 by reducing the original nonlinear equation intoa system of couple first order nonlinear FIVP. The findings indicate that the technique is very efficient and simple to implement and satisfy the Fuzzy solution properties. The method’s potential is demonstrated by solving nonlinear second-order FIVP.


Fuzzy set theory; Fuzzy differential equations; Six stages Runge Kutta method of order five

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