Automated smart hydroponics system using internet of things

Ravi Lakshmanan, Mohamed Djama, Sathish Perumal, Raed Abdulla


This paper presents a design and implementation of an automated smart hydroponics system using internet of things. The challenges to be solved with this system are the increasing food demand in the world, the need of market of new sustainable method of farming using the Internet of Things. The design was implemented using NodeMcu, Node Red, MQTT and sensors that were chosen during component selection based on required parameters and sending it to the cloud to monitor and be processed. Investigation on previous works done and a review of Internet of Things and Hydroponic systems were done. First the prototype was constructed, programmed and tested, as well as sensors data between two different environments were taken and monitored on cloud-based web page with mobile application. Moreover, a bot has been introduced to control the supply chain and for notification purposes. The system improved its performance and allows it to successfully achieve the aim of the entire system implemented. There are some limitations which can be improved as future work such as including data science with the usage of the artificial intelligence to further improve the crops and get better outcome. Lastly to design end user platform to ease user interaction by using attractive design with no technical configuration involved.


Horticultural lighting; Internet of things; MQTT; NFT; PCB; Smart hydroponics system

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