An enhanced lossless compression with cryptography hybrid mechanism for ECG biomedical signal monitoring

Mustafa Hameed, Masrullizam Mat Ibrahim, Nurulfajar Abd Manap, Ali A. Mohammed


Due to their use in daily life situation, demand for remote health applications and e-health monitoring equipment is growing quickly. In this phase, for fast diagnosis and therapy, information can be transferred from the patient to the distant clinic. Nowadays, the most chronic disease is cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). However, the storage and transmission of the ECG signal, consumes more energy, bandwidth and data security which is faced many challenges. Hence, in this work, we present a combined approach for ECG data compression and cryptography. The compression is performed using adaptive Huffman encoding and encrypting is done using AES (CBC) scheme with a 256-bit key. To increase the security, we include Diffie-Hellman Key exchange to authenticate the receiver, RSA key generation for encrypting and decrypting the data. Experimental results show that the proposed approach achieves better performance in terms of compression and encryption on MIT-BIH ECG dataset.


Adaptive huffman coding; AES; CBC mode; Diffie-Hellman; ECG signal; RSA

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