Multilingual twitter sentiment analysis using machine learning

K. Arun, A. Srinagesh


Twitter sentiment analysis is one of the leading research fields. Most of the researchers were contributed to twitter sentiment analysis in English tweets, but few researchers focus on the multilingual twitter sentiment analysis. Some challenges are hoping for the research solutions in multilingual twitter sentiment analysis. This study presents the implementation of sentiment analysis in multilingual twitter data and improves the data classification up to the adequate level of accuracy. Twitter is the sixth leading social networking site in the world. Active users for twitter in a month are 330 million. People can tweet or re-tweet in their languages and allow users to use emoji’s, abbreviations, contraction words, miss spellings, and shortcut words. The best platform for sentiment analysis is twitter. Multilingual tweets and data sparsity are the two main challenges. In this paper, the MLTSA algorithm gives the solution for these two challenges. MLTSA algorithm divides into two parts. One is detecting and translating non-English tweets into English using natural language processing (NLP). And the second one is an appropriate pre-processing method with NLP support can reduce the data sparsity. The result of the MLTSA with SVM achieves good accuracy by up to 95%.


NLP; Multilingual; twitter sentiment analysis; Machine learning algorithms

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