Object Tracking Using Motion Flow Projection for Pan-tilt Configuration

Luma Issa Abdul-Kreem, Hussam K. Abdul-Ameer


We propose a new object tracking model for two degrees of freedom mechanism. Our model uses a reverse projection from a camera plane to a world plane. Here, the model takes advantage of optic flow technique by re-projecting the flow vectors from the image space into world space. A pan-tilt (PT) mounting system is used to verify the performance of our model and maintain the tracked object within a region of interest (ROI). This system contains two servo motors to enable a webcam rotating along PT axes. The PT rotation angles are estimated based on a rigid transformation of the the optic flow vectors in which anidealizedtranslationmatrixfollowedbytworotationalmatricesaroundPTaxesareused. Our model was tested and evaluated using different objects with different motions. The resultsrevealthatourmodelcankeepthetargetobjectwithinacertainregioninthecamera view.


Camera model; Object tracking; PT monitoring mechanism; PT system

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i5.pp%25p
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