Human gait recognition using preprocessing and classification techniques

Samer Kais Jameel, Jihad Anwar Qadir, Mohammed Hussein Ahmed


Biometric recognition systems have been attracted numerous researchers since they attempt to overcome the problems and factors weakening these systems including problems of obtaining images indeed not appearing the resolution or the object completely. In this work, the object movement reliance was considered to distinguish the human through his/her gait. Some losing features probably weaken the system’s capability in recognizing the people, hence, we propose using all data recorded by the Kinect sensor with no employing the feature extraction methods based on the literature. In these studies, coordinates of 20 points are recorded for each person in various genders and ages, walking with various directions and speeds, creating 8404 constraints. Moreover, pre-processing methods are utilized to measure its influences on the system efficiency through testing on six types of classifiers. Within the proposed approach, a noteworthy recognition rate was obtained reaching 91% without examining the descriptors.


Classification; Gai Recognition; Kinect sensor; Preprocessing

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