Standalone photovoltaic arrayfed induction motor driven water pumping system

Atarsia Loubna, Toufouti riad, Meziane salima


Due to the absence of energy transmission lines connected to the water pumping sites in remote areas, problems related to the electrical power outages and the environmental degradation caused by fossil fuel. A photovoltaic water pumping technology is recognized as a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to provide water for rural areas.
To ensure the need of water, especially for domestic use and small communities, in this paper we presents a stand-alone photovoltaic powered water pumping system using induction motor drive, especially suited for usage in remote sites. Pumping system consists of four photovoltaic (PV) panels, boost converter, inverter, induction motor, centrifugal pump and a storage tank.
The P&O algorithm is used to track a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technique is proposed to make a full utilization of the output power of a PV solar cell.
The proposed system is designed, modeled and simulated on MATLAB/Simulink platform. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm are examined with variable solar insolation.


Battery storage; Boost converter; Induction motor; MPPT PO; Solar photovoltaic array; Voltage source inverter; Water pump

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