Variable speed control for 2Ph-HSM in RGS: a comparative simulation study

Salam Waley Shneen, Mohammed Qasim Sulttan, Manal Hadi Jaber


There are many applications of two-phase hybrid stepping motor (2Ph-HSM) system. The robotic grinding system (RGS) one of these applications. In this work, under the title variable speed control. The aim is Simulink the 2Ph-HSM in RGS with a proportional-integral controller (PIC) and optimization unit such as Genetic Algorithm (GA) which tuning PIC as (GA_PIC) to improve the RGS action by improving the parameters of PIC. Also comparing the act of PIC and GA_PIC to see which state is the best. The simulation results of this work show the GA_PIC is the best that comparative with PIC.

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