An energy optimization with improved QOS approach for adaptive cloud resources

Danthuluri Sudha, Sanjay Chitnis


In recent times, the utilization of cloud computing VMs is extremely enhanced in our day-to-day life due to the ample utilization of digital applications, network appliances, portable gadgets, and information devices etc. In this cloud computing VMs numerous different schemes can be implemented like multimedia-signal-processing-methods. Thus, efficient performance of these cloud-computing VMs becomes an obligatory constraint, precisely for these multimedia-signal-processing-methods. However, large amount of energy consumption and reduction in efficiency of these cloud-computing VMs are the key issues faced by different cloud computing organizations. Therefore, here, we have introduced a Dynamic voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) based Adaptive Cloud Resource Re-Configurability (ACRR) technique for cloud computing devices, which efficiently reduces energy consumption, as well as perform operations in very less time. We have demonstrated an efficient resource allocation and utilization technique to optimize by reducing different costs of the model. We have also demonstrated efficient energy optimization techniques by reducing task loads. Our experimental outcomes shows the superiority of our proposed model ACRR in terms of average run time, power consumption and average power required than any other state-of-art techniques.

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