Analysis of back propagation and radial basis function neural networks for handover decisions in wireless communication

payal Mahajan, Zaheeruddin Zaheeruddin


In mobile systems, handoff is a vital process, referring to a process of allocating an ongoing call from one BS to another BS. The handover technique is very important to maintain the Quality of service. Handover algorithms, based on Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic etc. can be used for the same purpose to keep Quality of service as high as possible. In this paper, it is proposed that back propagation networks and radial basis functions may be used for taking handover decision in wireless communication networks. The performance of these classifiers is evaluated on the basis of neurons in hidden layer, training time and classification accuracy. The proposed approach shows that Radial BasisFunctionNeural Network give better results for making handover decisions in wireless heterogeneous networks with classification accuracy of 90%.


Backpropagation networks; Neural networks; Quality of service; Radial basis functions

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