An efficient broadcasting routing protocol WAODV in mobile ad hoc networks

M. Chekhar, K. Zine-Dine, M. Bakhouya, A. Aaroud, J. Gaber


Information broadcasting in wireless network is a necessary building block for cooperative operations. However, the broadcasting causes increases the routing overhead. This paper brings together an array of tools of our adaptive protocol for information broadcasting in MANETs. The proposed protocol in this paper named WAODV (WAIT-AODV). This new adaptive routing discovery protocol for MANETs, lets in nodes to pick out a fantastic motion: both to retransmit receiving request route request (RREQ) messages, to discard, or to wait earlier than making any decision, which dynamically confgures the routing discovery feature to decide a gorgeous motion through the usage of neighbors’ knowledge. Simulations have been conducted to show the effectiveness of the using of techniques adaptive protocol for information broadcasting RREQ packet when integrated into ad hoc on-demand distance vector (AODV) routing protocols for MANET (which is based on simple flooding).


adaptive approaches; AODV; broadcasting schemes; MANETS; routing discovery;

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