Hybrid method for achieving Pareto front on economic emission dispatch

Kummari Rajesh, N. Visali


In this paper hybrid method, Modified Nondominated Sorted Genetic Algorithm (MNSGA-II) and Modified Population Variant Differential Evolution(MPVDE) have been placed in effect in achieving the best optimal solution of Multiobjective economic emission load dispatch optimization problem. In this technique latter, one is used to enforce the assigned percent of the population and the remaining with the former one. To overcome the premature convergence in an optimization problem diversity preserving operator is employed, from the tradeoff curve the best optimal solution is predicted using fuzzy set theory. This methodology validated on IEEE 30 bus test system with six generators, IEEE 118 bus test system with fourteen generators and with a forty generators test system. The solutions are dissimilitude with the existing metaheuristic methods like Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm-II, Multiobjective differential evolution, Multi-objective Particle Swarm optimization, Fuzzy clustering particle swarm optimization, Nondominated sorting genetic algorithm-II.


Multiobjective function; Cost function; Economic load dispatch; Trade off curve

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i4.pp3358-3366
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