A Shortest Data Window Algorithm for Detecting the Power Factor in presence of non-sinusoidal load current

Safaa S. Omran, Ali Sh. Al-Khalid, Amer Atta Yaseen


During recent years, nonlinear power electronic equipments introduce harmonic pollution on electric power systems. It makes the traditional power factor meter can not act accurately when it monitors unbalanced and harmonic loads. In this paper, a new algorithm for detecting the power factor in presence of non-sinusoidal load current is proposed. The proposed algorithm detects the true power factor exactly. By uses only two successive sampled data points of the voltage and the current for each displacement power factor value calculation and two sampled data points for each distortion power factor value calculation, the total/true power factor becomes easy to measure using these values directly. The proposed detector implemented using microcontroller as a main part and has been tested for single phase power system. The test results show that it can measure the true power factor of the loads quickly and accurately.


harmonic distortion; micro-controller; power factor; two samples;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v9i5.pp3956-3966

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