Oscillations minimization at MPP by controlling non-linear dynamics in SEPIC converter based MPPT in PV system

M. Vaigundamoorthi, R. Ramesh, V. Vasan Prabhu


Solar PV power generation has achieved rapid growth in developing countries which has many merits such as absence of noise, longer life, no pollution, less time for installation, ease of grid interface. A maximum power point tracking circuit (MPPT) consists of DC-DC power electronics converters that are used to improve the energy attainment from solar PV array. This paper presents a detailed analysis to control of non-linear dynamics in SEPIC converter based solar PV system to minimize the oscillations near to MPP. In SEPIC converter, the input current is not pulsating and capable of sweeping the whole I-V curve of a PV module in CCM from open circuit voltage (Voc) to short circuit current (Isc) condition. To track the true maximum power point from the solar PV module and to minimize the oscillations near to MPP, the yield output voltage need to ensure period-1 operation.


SEPIC converter; MPPT; Solar PV; Non linear dynamics; Adaptive controller

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i4.pp%25p
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