A hybrid algorithm to size the hospital resources in the case of a massive influx of victims

Abderrahmane Ben Kacem, Oualid Kamach, Samir Chafik, Mohamed Ait Hammou


Disaster situations either natural or made-man caused a large number of deaths and injured people. Morocco has experienced several disasters recently, the last one was the railway accident on 16 October 2018, which caused 127 serious injuries and 7 deaths. This large number was a big problem for the hospital to manage the received victims in right direction, which caused lives lost and disability. In this article, in collaboration with Mohammed (V) hospital in Casablanca city in Morocco, we suggested a solution that saves lives and eliminates number of disability by using a hybrid algorithm to size the hospital resources in the case of a massive influx of victims. We also suggested a support decision tool that is called Emergency Support Decision Tool. This helpful tool gives an idea about the needed resources that support these emergencies according to the victim’s number. The proposed solution consisted in making a hybrid algorithm that mixed the theoretical simulation process and the experience feedback by developing hybrid genetic and hybrid heuristic algorithms. These algorithms using as an input the matrix solutions that generated under ARENA software and the solution generated by neural networks that based on experiences feedback. The objective was to provide a solution based on available resources. In fact, the results showed that the hybrid heuristic algorithm is more performant than the hybrid genetic algorithm.


Genetic algorithm; Health services; Heuristic algorithm; Massive influx; Sizing

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i1.pp1006-1016
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