Securing vehicular cloud networks

Djilali Moussaoui, Mohamed Feham, Boucif Amar Bensaber, Benamar Kadri


Vehicular Cloud Networks (VCN) is the network that ensures mobility and availability of resources allowing new services and applications like Network as a Service (NaaS), STorage as a Service (STaaS), Computation as a Service (CompaaS) and Cooperation as a Service (CaaS). In this paper, we propose a solution to secure the Vehicular Cloud Network (VCN). Our challenge in this work is to adapt the PKI architecture, which is mainly used in wired networks to be used in VCN. To propose a security solution for Vehicular Cloud Networks (VCN), our work is based on three steps; the first one is to make network architecture study, where we tried to highlight the main network components. The second step is to propose the security solution architecture. Finally, the last step is to program a test and validate the solution using a simulation.


cloud computing; vanet; VCN privacy; VCN security; vehicular cloud networks (VCN);

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