IoT based heart monitoring and alerting system with cloud computing and managing the traffic for an ambulance in India

Khushboo Bhagchandani, D. Peter Augustine


Global Burden of Disease Report, released in Sept 2017, shows that Cardio- vascular Diseases caused 1.7 million deaths (17.8%) in 2016 and it is the leading cause of deaths in India [1]. According to the Indian Heart Association, 25% of all heart attacks happen under the age of 40. In most cases, the initial heart attacks are often ignored. Even post-diagnosis, as per government data [2], 50% of heart attack cases reach the hospital in more than 400 minutes against the ideal window time of 180 minutes; post which damage is irreversible. The delay is often attributed to delay in reaching a hospital or receiving primary aid. In India, traffic conditions also add to the grimace of the situation. Although the government is taking various measures; a holistic solution is required to minimize the delay at each of the steps like accessing the patient situation, contacting the Medical aid or making available the nearest aid possible. In this paper, we aim at providing the holistic solution using the Internet of Things technology (IOT) along with data analytics. IoT enables real-time capturing and computation of medical data from smart sensors built-in wearable devices. The amalgamation of Internet-based services with Medical Things (Smart sensors) enhance the chances of survival of patients. The proposed system analyses the inputs collected from the sensors fit with the patients prone to cardiovascular diseases to ascertain the emergency situation. In addition, to these data, the system also considers age, maximum and minimum heart rate. Based on computational results received from the input parameters, the system triggers the alert to emergency contacts such as the close relatives of the patient, doctors, the hospitals and nearby ambulance. The proposed system combines with the optimized navigation platform to guide the medical assistance to find the fastest route.


arduino; healthcare; heart attack; IOT;

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