UWB elliptical patch monopole antenna with dual-band notched characteristics

A H Majeed, K H Sayidmarie


In this paper, a new approach to the design of an UWB monopole antenna with dual band-notched characteristics is presented.   The antenna has the form of an elliptical monopole over a ground plane having an elliptical slot to achieve the UWB. The dual-band notch function is created by inserting a U-shaped and a C-shaped slots on the radiating patch, thus no extra size is needed. The proposed antenna shows a good omnidirectional radiation pattern across the band from 3.2 to more than 14 GHz. The dual band-rejection is for 4.88-5.79GHz centered at 5.4GHz and 7.21-8.46 GHz centered at 7.8 GHz. The antenna prototype using the FR-4 substrate with εr=4.3 has a compact size of 25mm×25 mm ×1.45mm. The fabricated prototype showed experimental results comparable to those obtained from the simulations.


UWB Antenna; Elliptical Patch; Single Notch Antenna; Dual Notch antenna; Slot Antenna

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v9i5.pp3591-3598

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