Suggesting new words to extract keywords from title and abstract

Hadeel Qasem Gheni, Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, Wed Kadhim Oleiwi


When talking about the fundamentals of writing research papers, we find that keywords are still present in most research papers, but that does not mean that they exist in all of them, we can find papers that do not contain keywords. Keywords are those words or phrases that accurately reflect the content of the research paper. Keywords are an exact abbreviation of what the research carries in its content. The right keywords may increase the chance of finding the article or research paper and chances of reaching more people who should reach them. The importance of keywords and the essence of the research and address is mainly to attract these highly specialized and highly influential writers in their fields and who specialize in reading what holds the appropriate characteristics but they do not read and cannot read everything. In this paper, we extract new keywords by suggesting a set of words, these words were suggested according to the many mentioned in the researches with multiple disciplines in the field of computer. In our system, we take a number of words (as many as specified in the program) that come before the proposed words and consider it as new keywords. This system proved to be effective in finding keywords that correspond to some extent with the keywords developed by the author in his research.


information retrieval; keyword extraction; natural language processing;

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