A systematic mapping study of innovative cloud applications and experiences

Isaac A. Odun-Ayo, Rowland Goddy-Worlu, Adaugo F. Okezie


Cloud computing is a business paradigm wherein computers and computing related services are provided by Cloud Service Providers to consumers either as software, development platform, or infrastructure. There are lots of innovations and experiences taking place on the cloud. The introduction of containers and application of machine learning are such examples. The issue of determining a particular research area especially in terms of innovative cloud application and experiences in the Cloud could be cumbersome process for a researcher. The objective of this paper is to conduct a systematic mapping study of innovative cloud applications and experiences. The systematic map provided a structured overview of research work carried out and the frequency of publications, presenting them pictorially in form of a map. The obtained results showed that 7.34% of the publications were on development of innovative cloud applications in terms of model. Architecture and modelling, and simulation in relation to model were both at 13.76%, 11.93% of the papers respectively, while 8.26% of the articles were on deployment in terms of process. Architecture had most publication in the area of solution research, with 15.2%. For articles published on deployment and development, most were on solution research with 8.80% and 14.40% respectively. The outcome of this study will be beneficial to practitioners in the industry and academic researchers alike.


Cloud Computing; Cloud Innovations; Cloud Experiences; Systematic Mapping

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v11i1.pp%25p
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