Performance evaluation of different classification techniques using different datasets

Abdulkadir Özdemir, Uğur Yavuz, Fares Abdulhafidh Dael


Nowadays data mining become one of the technologies that paly major effect on business intelligence. However, to be able to use the data mining outcome the user should go through many process such as classified data. Classification of data is processing data and organize them in specific categorize to be use in most effective and efficient use. In data mining one technique is not applicable to be applied to all the datasets. This paper showing the difference result of applying different techniques on the same data. This paper evaluates the performance of different classification techniques using different datasets. In this study four data classification techniques have chosen. They are as follow, BayesNet, NaiveBayes, Multilayer perceptron and J48. The selected data classification techniques performance tested under two parameters, the time taken to build the model of the dataset and the percentage of accuracy to classify the dataset in the correct classification. The experiments are carried out using Weka 3.8 software. The results in the paper demonstrate that the efficiency of Multilayer Perceptron classifier in overall the best accuracy performance to classify the instances, and NaiveBayes classifiers were the worst outcome of accuracy to classifying the instance for each dataset.


Data Mining; Classification; BayesNet; NaiveBayes; Multilayer perceptron; J48; Weka

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