Data storage lock algorithm with cryptographic techniques

Anitha K L, T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair


The cloud computing had its impact far and wide, and Enterprise solutions are getting migrated to different types of clouds. The services are delivered from the data centers which are located all over the world. As the data is roaming with less control in any data centers, data security issues in cloud are very challenging. Therefore we need multi-level authentication, data integrity, privacy and above all encryption to safeguard our data which is stored on to the cloud. The data and applications cannot be relocated to a virtual server without much degree of security concern as there can be much confidential data or mission-critical applications. In this paper, we propose Data Storage Lock Algorithm (DSLA) to store confidential data thereby provides secure data storage in cloud computing based on cryptographic standards.


Data Storage Cloud Service Provider Encryption Decryption Cryptography

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