Multi-objective optimal placement of distributed generations for dynamic loads

Shah Mohazzem Hossain, Abdul Hasib Chowdhury


Large amount of active power losses and low voltage profile are the two major issues concerning the integration of distributed generations with existing power system networks. High R/X ratio and long distance of radial network further aggravates the issues. Optimal placement of distributed generators can address these issues significantly by alleviating active power losses and ameliorating voltage profile in a cost effective manner. In this research, multi-objective optimal placement problem is decomposed into minimization of total active power losses, maximization of bus voltage profile enhancement and minimization of total generation cost of a power system network for static and dynamic load characteristics. Optimum utilization factor for installed generators and available loads is scaled by the analysis of yearly load-demand curve of a network. The developed algorithm of N-bus system is implemented in IEEE-14 bus standard test system to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method in different loading conditions.


Optimal Placement; Distributed Generation; Dynamic Loads;

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