Tactical approach to identify and quarantine spurious node participation request in sensory application

Somu Parande, Jayashree D. Mallapur


Securing Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) from variable forms of adversary is still an open end challenge. Review of diversified security apprroaches towards such problems that they are highly symptomatic with respect to resiliency strength against attack. Therefore, the proposed system highlights a novel and effective solution that is capable of identify the spurios request for participating in teh network building process from attacker and in return could deviate the route of attacker to some virtual nodes and links. A simple trust based mechanism is constructed for validating the legitimacy of such request generated from adversary node. The proposed system not only presents a security solution but also assists in enhancing the routing process significantly. The simulated outcome of the study shows that proposed system offers significantly good energy conservation, satisfactory data forwarding performance, reduced processing time in contrast to existing standard security practices.


Spurios message; Attacks; Security; Energy; Wireless sensor network

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v10i4.pp%25p
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