Novel model for boosting security strength and energy efficiency in internet-of-things using multi-staged game

Bhagyashree Ambore, Suresh L


Security as well as energy efficiency is one of the most inevitable and challenging problems when it comes it large scale network deployment like INternet-of-Things (IoT). After reviewing existing research work on IoT, it was found that there are discrete set of solution for security as well as for energy. However, there is little research work that has jointly investigated both the problems with respect to IoT. Apart from this, there are also various form of attacks that cost energy of sensors that constitutes core physical devices in IoT. Therefore, these manuscripts present a novel idea for identifying and resisting the security breach within an IoT system ensuring energy efficiency too. Harnessing the modelling capability of game-theory, the proposed system offers a joint solution towards these problems. The simulated outcome of the study is found to offer balance performance for better energy efficiency and robust threat mitigation capability when compared with existing approaches.


attacks; energy; game theory; internet-of-things; security;

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