Soybean leaf disease detection and severity measurement using multiclass SVM and KNN classifier

Sachin B. Jadhav, Vishwanath R. Udup, Sanjay B. Patil


Soybean fungal diseases such as Blight, Frogeye leaf spot and Brown Spot are a significant threat to soybean plant due to the severe symptoms and lack of treatments. Traditional diagnosis of the thease diseases relies on disease symptom identification based on neaked eye observation by pathalogiest, which can lead to a high rate of false-recognition. This work present a novel system, utilizing multiclass support vector machine and KNN classifiers, for detection and classification of soybean diseases using color images of diseased leaf samples. Images of healthy and diseased leaves affected by Blight, Frogeye leaf spot and Brown Spot were acquired by a digital camera. The acquired images are preprocessed using image enhancement techniques. The background of each image was removed by a thresholding method and the Region of Interest (ROI) is obtained. Color-based segmentation technique based on K-means clustering is applied to the region of interest for partitioning the diseased region. The severity of disease is estimated by quantifying a number of pixels in the diseased region and in total leaf region. Different color features of segmented diseased leaf region were extracted using RGB color space and texture features were extracted using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) to compose a feature database. Finally, the support vector machine (SVM) and K-Nearest Negbiour (KNN) classifiers are used for classifying the disease. This proposed classifers system is capable to classify the types of blight, brown spot, frogeye leaf spot diseases and Healthy samples with an accuracy of 87.3% and 83.6 % are achieved.


image processing

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