Simplified Video Surveillance Framework for Dynamic Object Detection under Challenging Environment

Madhu Chandra G., Sreerama Reddy G. M


An effective video surveillance system is highly essential in order to ensure constructing better form of video analytics. Existing review of literatures pertaining to video analytics are found to directly implement algorithms on the top of the video file without much emphasis on following problems i.e. i) dynamic orientation of subject, ii)poor illumination condition, iii) identification and classification of subjects, and iv) faster response time. Therefore, the proposed system implements an analytical concept that uses depth-image of the video feed along with the original colored video feed to apply an algorithm for extracting significant information about the motion blob of the dynamic subjects. Implemented in MATLAB, the study outcome shows that it is capable of addressing all the above mentioned problems associated with existing research trends on video analytics by using a very simple and non-iterative process of implementation. The applicability of the proposed system in practical world is thereby proven.


Object Identification; Mobile Object Tracking; Video Surveillance; Video Analytics; Motion Blob

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