A Diagnostic Analytics of Harmonic Source Signature Recognition by Using Periodogram

M. H. Jopri, A. R. Abdullah, T. Sutikno, M. Manap, M. R. Ab Ghani, A. S. Hussin


This paper presents a diagnostic analytics of harmonic source signature recognition of rectifier and inverter-based load in the distribution system with single-point measurement at the point of common coupling by utilizing Periodogram. Signature recognition pattern is used to distinguish the harmonic sources accurately by obtaining the distribution of harmonic and interharmonic components and the harmonic contribution changes.  This is achieved by using the significant signature recognition of harmonic producing load obtained from analysing the harmonic contribution changes. Based on voltage and current signature analysis, the distribution of harmonic components can be divided into three zones. To distinguish between the harmonic producing loads, the harmonic components are observed at these zones to get the signature recognition pattern. The result demonstrate that periodogram technique accurately diagnose and distinguish the type of harmonic sources in the distribution system.


Diagnostic analytic; Harmonic source; Signature analysis; Signature recognition; Periodogram

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v8i6.pp5399-5408
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