Channel Capacity Maximization using NQHN Approach at Heterogeneous Network

savitha patil, A.M. Bhavikatti


In present scenario, the high speed data transmission services has pushed limits for wireless communication network capacity, at same time multimedia transmission in real-time needs provision of QoS, therefore the network capacity and small cell coverage has comes with lots of challenges. Improving the channel capacity and coverage area within the available bandwidth is necessary to provide better QoS to users, and improved channel capacity for the FCUs and MCUs in network. In this paper, we are proposing an NQHN approach that incorporate with efficient power allocation, improving the channel capacity by optimized traffic scheduling process in a small cell HetNets scenario. This work efficiently handle the interference with maintaining the user QoS and the implemented power controller uses HeNB power as per the real time based approach for macro-cell and femto-cell. Moreover, we consider the real traffic scenario to check the performance of our proposed approach with respect to existing algorithm


Base Stations (BSs); Optimized Traffic Scheduling (OTS); Wireless Communication (WC); Quality-of-Service (QoS); Novel QoS aware HetNets (NQHN)

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