Evaluation of Wind Power for Electrical Energy Generation in the Mediterranean Coast of Palestine for 14 Years

Ahmed S A Badawi, Nurul Fadzlin Hasbullaha, Siti Yusoff, Sheroz Khan, Aisha Hashim, Alhareth Zyoud, Mohammed Elamassie


The generation, distributionand transmission of electricity in Palestine have recently emerged as major issues. This study comprehensively assesses the production of wind energy and the estimation of wind energy potential in Palestine’s south coastal plain. The goal is to evaluate Palestine’s wind energy production by studying wind data and calculating energy and power. This study analyses two actual time series datasets. Findings are elaborated to determine the wind energy conversion per 1 m2. The wind speed data from January 1996 to December 2006 in Gaza and from January 2012 to December 2015 in Ashqelon are selected as the data sample. This study is crucial given the need for clean and renewable energy, the power shortage in the Gaza Strip and the limited number of wind energy studies conducted in the south coastal plain of Palestine, especially Gaza Strip. This study estimates the wind energy potential of the Gaza Strip to determine the wind potential. The annual mean wind speed and power are 4.11 ms-1 and 903.4 Wm-2, respectively. Moreover, the study clarifies the electrical energy generation in the Gaza Strip using small-scale turbines and offers a feasible alternative to existing schemes.


Wind energy; Mean wind speed; Potential energy

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