A transition from manual to Intelligent Automated power system operation -A Indicative Review

Yamanappa N. Doddamani, U. C. Kapale


This paper reviews the transition of the power system operation from the traditional manual mode of power system operations to the level where automation using Internet of Things (IOT) and intelligence using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is implemented. To make the review paper brief only indicative papers are chosen to cover multiple power system operation based implementation. Care is taken there is lesser repeatation of similar technology or application be reviewed. The indicative review is to take only a representative literature to bypass scrutinizing multiple literatures with similar objectives and methods. A brief review of the slow transition from the traditional to the intelligent automated way of carrying out power system operations like the energy audit, load forecasting, fault detection, power quality control, smart grid technology, islanding detection, energy management etc is discussed .The Mechanical Engineering Perspective on the basis of applications would be noticed in the paper although the energy management and power delivery concepts are electrical.


Power System Operations; IOT; Artificial Intelligence; Intelligent automation; Smart grid

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v9i4.pp2274-2280
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