Adapted Branch-and-Bound Algorithm Using SVM With Model Selection

Mohamed Mustapha Kabbaj, El Afia Abdellatif


Branch-and-Bound algorithm is the basis for the majority of solving methods in mixed integer linear programming. It has been proving its efficiency in different fields. In fact, it creates little by little a tree of nodes by adopting two strategies. These strategies are variable selection strategy and node selection strategy. In our previous work, we experienced a methodology of learning branch-and-bound strategies using regression-based support vector machine twice. That methodology allowed firstly to exploit information from previous executions of Branch-and-Bound algorithm on other instances. Secondly, it created information channel between node selection strategy and variable branching strategy. And thirdly, it gave good results in term of running time comparing to standard Branch-and-Bound algorithm. In this work, we will focus on increasing SVM performance by using cross validation coupled with model selection. 


Node selection Strategy; Variable Branching Strategy; Branch and Bound; SVM; Cross validation; model selection

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