Hybrid Multilevel Thresholding and Improved Harmony Search Algorithm for Segmentation

Erwin Erwin, Saparudin Saparudin, Wulandari Saputri


This paper proposes a new method for image segmentation is hybrid multilevel thresholding and improved harmony search algorithm. Improved harmony search algorithm which is a method for finding vector solutions by increasing its accuracy. The proposed method looks for a random candidate solution, then its quality is evaluated through the Otsu objective function. Furthermore, the operator continues to evolve the solution candidate circuit until the optimal solution is found. The dataset used in this study is the retina dataset, tongue, lenna, baboon, and cameraman. The experimental results show that this method produces the high performance as seen from peak signal-to-noise ratio analysis (PNSR). The PNSR result for retinal image averaged 40.342 dB while for the average tongue image 35.340 dB. For lenna, baboon and cameramen produce an average of 33.781 dB, 33.499 dB, and 34.869 dB. Furthermore, the process of object recognition and identification is expected to use this method to produce a high degree of accuracy.


image segmentation; improved harmony search; algorithm; multilevel thresholding;

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijece.v8i6.pp4593-4602
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