A Comparison of Cloud Execution Mechanisms Fog, Edge, and Clone Cloud Computing

T. Francis


Cloud computing is a technology that was developed a decade ago to provide uninterrupted, scalable services to users and organizations. Cloud computing has also become an attractive feature for mobile users due to the limited features of mobile devices. The combination of cloud technologies with mobile technologies resulted in a new area of computing called mobile cloud computing. This combined technology is used to augment the resources existing in Smart devices. In recent times, Fog computing, Edge computing, and Clone Cloud computing techniques have become the latest trends after mobile cloud computing, which have all been developed to address the limitations in cloud computing. This paper reviews these recent technologies in detail and provides a comparative study of them. It also addresses the differences in these technologies and how each of them is effective for organizations and developers.


clone cloud; edge computing; elastic executions; fog computing; IoT; mobile back-ends; mobile cloud computing; mobile off-loading mechanisms; virtualization;

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