Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Congestion Alleviation with Incorporation of Wind Farm

Kaushik Paul, Niranjan Kumar


The issue to alleviate congestion in the power system framework has emerged as an alluring field for the power system researchers. The research conducted in this article proposes a cuckoo search algorithm based congestion alleviation strategy with the incorporation of wind farm. The bus sensitivity factor data are computed and utilized to sort out the sutiable position for the installation of the wind farm. The generators contributing in the real power rescheduleing process are selected as per the generator sensitivity values. The cuckoo search algorithm is implemented to minimize the congestion cost with the embodiment of the wind farm.The proposed method is tested on 39 bus New England framework and the results obtained with the cuckoo search based congestion management approach outperforms the results opted with other heuristic optimization techniques in the past research literatures.


cost function; generator rescheduling; optimization; power flow; renewable energy

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