Performance analysis of real-time PSO tuned PI controller for regulating voltage and frequency in an AC microgrid

Umbrin Sultana, Sajid Hussain Qazi, Nadia Rasheed, M. W. Mustafa


In this study, a control strategy based on the self-tuning method and synchronous reference frame (SRF) with PI regulator is proposed to achieve optimum quality of power in an autonomous micro grid (MG). The MGS is based on multiple distributed generation (DG) connected with 120 kV power grid. The proposed system is first simulated with fixed gain values for PI controller which are not optimal for sudden changes in the system i.e. transition of MG to islanding mode, load variations. So, the particle swarm optimization (PSO) has been utilized for tuning of PI controller parameters which ensure flexible performance and superior quality of power. The principal parameters considered in this study are, regulation of voltage and frequency, steady-state and dynamic response and harmonic distortion, mainly when microgrid is islanded. The performance of PI and PI-PSO is compared in this study by simulating AC microgrid in the MATLAB/Simulink environment. Summarized results of the system are provided to authenticate viability of proposed arrangement. The proposed controller performs intelligently while regulating voltage and frequency of the MGS and utility system.



Autonomous microgrid; current controller; islanding mode; PSO

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