Energy harvesting earliest deadline first scheduling algorithm for increasing lifetime of real time systems

Arvind Kumar, Bashir Alam


In this paper, a new approach for energy minimization in energy harvesting real time systems has been investigated. Lifetime of a real time systems is depend upon its battery life.  Energy is a parameter by which the lifetime of system can be enhanced.  To work continuously and successively, energy harvesting is used as a regular source of energy. EDF (Earliest Deadline First) is a traditional real time tasks scheduling algorithm and DVS (Dynamic Voltage Scaling) is used for reducing energy consumption. In this paper, we propose an Energy Harvesting Earliest Deadline First (EH-EDF) scheduling algorithm for increasing lifetime of real time systems using DVS for reducing energy consumption and EDF for tasks scheduling with energy harvesting as regular energy supply. Our experimental results show that the proposed approach perform better to reduce energy consumption and increases the system lifetime as compared with existing approaches.  


energy harvesting, real time system, earliest deadline first, scheduling, task feasibility

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