Classification improvement of spoken arabic language based on radial basis function

Thamir Rashed Saeed, Jabar Salman, Alaa Hussein Ali


The important task in the computer interaction is the languages recognition and classification. In the Arab world, there is a persistent need for the Arabic spoken language recognition To help those who have lost the upper parties in doing what they want through speech computer interaction. While, the Arabic automatic speech recognition (AASR) did not receive the desired attention from the researchers. In this paper, the Radial Basis Function(RBF) is used for the improvement of the Arabic spoken language letter. The recognition and classification process are based on three steps; these are; preprocessing, feature extraction and classification (Recognition). The Arabic  Language Letters  (ALL) recognition is done by using the combination between the statistical features and the Temporal Radial Basis Function for different letter situation and noisy condition. The recognition percent are from 90% - 99.375% has been gained with independent speaker, where these results are over-perform the earlier works by nearly 2.045%. The simulati.on has been made by using Matlab 2015b.


arabic language letters; radial basis function; classification

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