Computer Simulation of PMSM Motor with Five Phase Inverter Control using Signal Processing Techniques

Khalaf S. Gaeid, Mshari Aead Asker, Nada N. Tawfeeq, Salam Razooky Mahdi


The signal processing techniques and computer simulation play an important role in the fault diagnosis and tolerance of all types of machines in the first step of design. Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and five phase inverter with sine wave pulse width modulation (SPWM) strategy is developed. The PMSM speed is controlled by vector control. In this work, a fault tolerant control (FTC) system in the PMSM using wavelet switching is introduced. The feature extraction property of wavelet analysis used the error as obtained by the wavelet de-noised signal as input to the mechanism unit to decide the healthy system. The diagnosis algorithm, which depends on both wavelet and vector control to generate PWM as current based manage any parameter variation. An open-end phase PMSM has a larger range of speed regulation than normal PMSM. Simulation results confirm the validity and effectiveness of the switching strategy.


5 phase inverter; fault tolerant control; PMSM; vector control; wavelet

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