Negative image amplifier technique for performance enhancement of ultra wideband LNA

Kishor G. Sawarkar, Kushal R. Tuckley


The paper aims at designing of two stage cascaded ultra-wideband (UWB) low noise amplifier (LNA) by using negative image amplifier technique. The objective of this article is to show the performance improvement using negative image amplifier technique and realization of negative valued lumped elements into microstrip line geometry. The innovative technique to realize the negative lumped elements are carried out by using Richard’s Transformation and transmission line calculation. The AWR microwave office tool is used to obtain characteristics of UWB LNA design with hybrid microwave integrated circuit (HMIC) technology. The 2-stage cascaded LNA design using negative image amplifier technique achieves average gain of 23dB gain and low noise figure of less than 2dB with return loss less than -8dB for UWB 3-10GHz. The Proper bias circuit is extracted using DC characteristics of transistor at biasing point 2V, 20mA and discussed in detail with LNA layout. The negative image matching technique is applied for both input and output matching network. This work will be useful for all low power UWB wireless receiver applications.


ultra wideband (UWB); low noise amplifier (LNA); microstrip lines; hybrid microwave integrated circuit (HMIC); cascaded LNA and pHEMT

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