Schedulability of Rate Monotonic Algorithm using Improved Time Demand Analysis for Multiprocessor Environment

Leena Das, Sourav Mohapatra, Durga Prasad Mohapatra


Real-Time Monotonic algorithm (RMA) is a widely used static priority scheduling algorithm. For application of RMA at various systems, it is essential to determine the system’s feasibility first. The various existing algorithms perform the analysis by reducing the scheduling points in a given task set. In this paper we propose a schedubility test algorithm, which reduces the number of tasks to be analyzed instead of reducing the scheduling points of a given task. This significantly reduces the number of iterations taken to compute feasibility. This algorithm can be used along with the existing algorithms to effectively reduce the high complexities encountered in processing large task sets. We also extend our algorithm to multiprocessor environment and compare number of iterations with different number of processors. This paper then compares the proposed algorithm with existing algorithm. The expected results show that the proposed algorithm performs better than the existing algorithms.


RMA; real time system; time demand analysis; scheduling; multiprocessor

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