Throughput Maximization of Cognitive Radio Multi Relay Network with Interference Management

Pradip Varade, Akanksha Wabale, Ravinder Yerram, Rupesh Jaiswal


In this paper, an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) based cognitive multi relay network is investigated to maximize the transmission rate of the cognitive radio (CR) with enhanced  fairness among CR users  with interference to the primary users (PUs) being managed below a certain threshold level. In order to improve the transmission rate of the CR, optimization of the subcarrier pairing and power allocation is to be carried out simultaneously. Firstly joint optimization problem is formulated and Composite Genetic and Ordered Subcarrier Pairing (CGOSP) algorithm is proposed to solve the problem. The motivation behind merging genetic and OSP algorithm is to reduce the complexity of Genetic Algorithm (GA). Further, to have a fair allocation of resources among CR users, the Round Robin allocation method is adopted so as to allocate subcarrier pairs to relays efficiently. The degree of fairness of the system is calculated using Jain’s Fairness Index (JFI). Simulation results demonstrate the significant improvement in transmission rate of the CR, low computational complexity and enhanced fairness.


cognitive radio; cognitive relay networks; interference management; jain’s fairness index; OFDM; resource allocation

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