Improved handoff mechanism for infiltrating user equipments in composite networks

Venkata Vara Prasad Padyala, K.V.D. Kiran


The wireless technology and communication plays a vital role in our daily life. The end users are expecting more Quality of Experience (QOE) rather than the Quality of Service (QOS). In order to provide full signal coverage the entire cellular network coverage is divided in to small cells called as femtocells, those femtocells are covered with femtocell antennas which are very small in size compared with regular antennas. With these femtocell coverage problem is solved but when a user moves from one location to another location the user has to switch from one base station to so many base station which cannot be maintained with present handoff methods. The present hand off methods working on distance calculation approach, the proposed method is based on the velocity and device direction calculated based on GPS location toward the Base Station (BS) of the device which may ping pong handoff effect.


Handoff; cognitive methods for channel allocation; femtocell; composite network, Base Station.

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